Adult and Gaming Industries: Biggest Users of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has always been closely associated with entertainment. Not too long ago, the term “virtual reality” was used mostly to refer to a fantasy world where cutting-edge technology is light years away from the present time. The concept was synonymous to nerdy computer games and cutting-edge goggles or headgear. The technology started to offer remarkable uses for various sectors, but the biggest users of virtual reality are still the gaming industry, as well as the adult entertainment industry – such as with VR porn and the making of Wankz VR videos.

The gaming and adult entertainment industries both have the goal of transporting players and viewers to another world – a place where they can reinvent themselves and be whoever or whatever they want to be. This virtual world may be seen as an escape from the real world, where the impossible becomes reality with the help of virtual reality technology and the gadgets that make these things realistic.

Virtual Reality and the Gaming Industry

Virtual reality is most closely associated with the gaming industry, which is still the most prominent application for this technology. With many games driven by VR nowadays, it is now possible for players to enjoy enhanced experiences as virtual and real worlds come together in the most harmonious manner. Games can be enjoyed with more interaction, with gaming consoles evolving to include gadgets such as VR headsets and special glasses for a hyper-realistic feel.

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Gone are the days when most realistic experience you can have with a game involves close observation through a screen. VR games allow you to become part of the game itself, giving you the chance to experience the virtual world in the most immersive way possible as you navigate that reinvented world, as easily as you would manage in real life. Intense graphics, 360-degree content, and haptic technology all contribute to bringing the most realistic gaming experience possible. 

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Virtual Reality and the Adult Entertainment Industry

Virtual reality has tremendously helped the already booming adult entertainment industry, which in turn is what made several entertainment technologies – such as DVDs and HD TVs – hugely successful. VR porn has quite literally heated up the adult industry even more, making it possible to enjoy the experience in the most physical sense possible with more senses involved compared to just watching the action onscreen.

Virtual reality provides a crucial role in enhanced adult-themed experiences.  One aspect of the technology uses specially designed cameras made to cover 180 degree- or 360 degree-angles of adult-themed scenes – such as those in Wankz VR videosto give that sense of being part of that scene, just like you are actually making love to your favorite adult film celebrity. You also have the freedom to focus on any aspect of the scene you wish, which is a far cry from just watching the scenes unfold through the screen as an anonymous onlooker.

Another interesting aspect of virtual reality & adult entertainment involves haptic technology, which simulates the sense of touch as a feedback system of communication. This technology is used in internet-enabled toys that enable two individuals to remotely be intimate with each other by transmitting touch electronically, with the experience significantly enhanced as it involves the sense of touch. This experience can also be used by a person with a virtual 3D avatar instead of a real person in another location.


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