How to build a VR headset?

Are you a DIY type of guy or girl? Do you have an interest in tech and a lot of time on your hands? Then you’ve come to the right place. We’ll tell you how to make a VR headset at home. 99% of people have all the supplies they need. It will cost you very little or, more likely, nothing at all.

What do I need?

You probably have everything right at home:

  • A clear plastic bottle, 2L
  • Foam
  • Cardboard
  • Water
  • Hot glue

You need the top part of the plastic bottle for this (near the neck). Draw circles using a cork and cut out four circles. The bent plastic next to the neck is best because it has the ideal shape for lenses.

Glue two circles together to create an air cup between them. Glue edges around circles carefully using the hot glue. Leave a little hole to fill the lens with water through.

Now, use more hot glue to fill the hole. Make sure the lenses are well sealed and no water is seeping out. If you find that water is coming out, look for the leak. To find it, submerge the lens in water and see where the bubbles are coming from. Proceed similarly for the next lens. You need two lenses (for both eyes, obviously, or one for one).

Make a box, around 5 cm deep and slightly bigger than a standard-size phone. This depth is required because the distance between your lenses and Smartphone should be around 5 cm. Videos are available on YouTube. These might help you understand the process more easily, but a tech savvy person wouldn’t need them IMO.

Cut out two circles for the lenses and a rectangular hole in one side for your phone screen. Now, take the hot glue again and glue the lenses in place.

Make a lid and glue it to your box. This is to hold your phone in place. To lock the lid in place, you might need magnets or Velcro.

You’re almost there! Get the foam and cut it to fit your face. It should be like a mask with a place for your forehead and nose and holes for the eyes.

Switch 360 video or a VR app on your phone on and place your phone in. You’re done! Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoy your immersive experience!